How to Increase His & Her Sex Life

How to Increase His & Her Sex Life

Epic Guide To Stronger Erections, Adding Size, And Boosting Testosterone

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ED, erectile dysfunction affects 30 million American men of all ages. The causes of erectile dysfunction may be physiological, psychological, or a combination of both. Certain men may be at greater risk of developing erectile dysfunction, such as those who are older than 50, are overweight, or have heart disease.   But, ED, has creeped in to the younger generation and ED, is not just limited to being unable to have an erection.  There are many Men who are able to have an erection but who are unable to perform properly.  ED can include having premature ejaculation, it can include losing your erection in mid stream, it can include a loss of libido.  This article examines the why and explains how to improve your conditions.

I'm Roger, everyone that really knows me, knows how much I love sex.  For us Males, sex is how we identify ourselves in our relationships, it is both a measure of the strength of our relationships and of our raw nature as Men.  

When our relationships are filled with good quality sex, our connection to that partner is strengthened on all levels, emotional, spiritual and physical.

The problem is that over time, our sex drive, the strength of our erections and even the degree of pleasure we receive from sex are diminished and this is not just because of age, but because of a change or alteration of our hormones.

This is occurring across the board, all Men Young and old have a diminished sex drive, when you compare it to the 1970s, the 1980s and even the 1990s, but it affects older Men first.

I have read many articles and remember statements and studies that show there is an over 20% and more decrease in testosterone and Sperm counts, from the 1980s.  

This is alarming!  Because Testosterone is what makes a Man a Man, take away Testosterone and you will cease acting Male.  If you want to change your sex from Male to Female, you must decrease your Testosterone.  Many of us look at the very young Males and see they have stronger Female characteristics then Males that grew up in an earlier era.  Why?

Over the years, the water that we drink, the food that we eat, the soap that we bathe with, the deodorant, the colognes, the shampoo, the body wash, almost all, contain chemicals which cause our body to mimic natural Estrogen (The Female Hormone), they are called Xenoestrogens (see, post by Lisa Marcaurel); these are man-made substances which give us estrogen-like effects.

Also, Xenoestrogens are blamed for causing a wide variety of cancers in both Men and Women.  Furthermore, they have a negative effect on both Men and Women, sexually and otherwise.  These chemicals are stored in our fat cells and throws off our normal functions.

These chemicals have been linked to lower sperm levels.  In fact a recent study shows that Males today have approximately 50% less sperm than they did in the 80s and that is huge!

It is no wonder so many couples go to fertility specialists these days.  

I often tell young couples, that during the 1970s, when I was very young, we didn't want children and they just came.  Of course, once they got here we adored them.  Food, water, everything was more natural then, no GMO's, etc.

These chemicals have also been linked to lowering libido and impotency.  

They are found in makeup, cosmetic products, household cleaners, laundry detergents, some birth control medications, sunscreens, chlorine and processed food and plastic bottles, they are also referred to as BPA, parabens, BPA, PCbs, artificial food coloring FD&C Red no. 3, BHA, BHT, and more...

These chemicals are hard to avoid but you can reduce them by not drinking water out of plastic (use glass instead), not microwaving food in plastic containers, spend extra money to buy organic, staying away as much as possible from grain-fed meat and non-organic dairy, etc.

Our human body has what is called the endocrine system which controls the release of hormones, which are the chemical messengers that travel throughout our body.  Xenoestrogens are endocrine disruptors, they alter the normal function of our estrogen which both Male and Female have.  

These chemicals are particularly dangerous during 'critical periods of life' such as puberty.  Exposure of theses chemicals to the male fetus can result in reproductive defects, you see why so many young Males seem very feminine, compared to older males?

Now what about women?

the hormone, pregesterone plays a key role in pregnancy, it is what makes it possible for a fertilized egg to attach and survive.  These chemicals cause 'estrogen dominance' which creates an imbalance and is one of the major reasons why women today require pregesterone supplements.  

In other words these chemicals are robbing women of their natural state and causing much havoc.  

Added to this, is the fact that many Men end up losing 80% feeling and sensation in their penises, by the time they're 40 years old, this is referred to as "desensitization."  Desensitization means your brain has stopped responding to erotic stimuli.  In April 1989, the Department of Urology, Herlev Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark and found that desensitization is one of the biggest factors as the true cause of most erectile dysfunction issues.

In summary, Men and Women are suffering due to these chemicals, the desensitization, which affects both Men and Women, is caused by these chemicals and other factors, including over stimulation by watching too much porn, but when you add all the other factors it is causing major difficulties to our love lives.  In Men it is causing a loss of their libido, lower sperm levels, feminine behavior, obesity, reduced pleasure in sex, loss of erections, erectile dysfunction, and the list goes on and on.

So what is the answer?

It depends.

As with everything there is no universal answer.  

Are there generalities?  Yes.

However, a lack of sex drive and the inability to give your woman sexual pleasure, along with your own, is vital to a healthy relationship.

This applies to both Men and Women, because as women go into menopause, there hormones go way out- of-wack, they experience dryness in the vagina, reduced sex drive and so many other other side effects. Craziness, is the best way I can describe it.

With this in mind here are some general guidelines on what to do to increase your sex drive, get hard erections and increase your libido.

Step 1: Boost Your Free Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is central in the male and female sexual response, including the desire for sex and the mechanics of triggering an erection. High levels of testosterone are associated with a strong desire for sex and an increased ability to have an erection.1, 2

Step 2: Increase Blood Flow To Your Penis

A better blood flow means that the cavities in your penis will fill up with blood more readily. This counters the effects of weak erections. You gain the power to have an erection on demand, maintain it for longer and experience better sex.*

Step 3: Improve Your Libido & Sexual Stamina

There are some ingredients that will improve the mood and desire for sex. These have long been known as aphrodisiacs in traditional Chinese medicine, products that include these ingredients may increase your sex drive and libido which does drop in men at a certain age.*

Top 5 Must Have Ingredients For Male Enhancement*

Maca: Data shows Maca enhances sexual performance indicating a significant increase in erectile function.3

Nettles: Helps increase testosterone by inhibiting the binding of testosterone to sex hormone binding globulin.4

Tribulus Terrestris: Studies validate the traditional use of Tribulus Terrestris as a sexual enhancer in males.5,6

Zinc: Studies show a positive correlation between zinc and increased testosterone levels.7,8

Avena Sativa: Study shows scientific validation on this traditionally used herbal plant as an aphrodisiac herb for the management of male sexual function.9

Read Between The Lines Of Big Pharma

The drug companies have tried to tell us that prescription drugs are the best answer to male performance issues. Yet we all know that these pills come with some very serious side effects.  In other words, these blue pills can be used as band-aids, but you should cure yourself, not hide the problem with artificial substances, that is the priority.

The Remedies

Weedmaps News recently reported that cannabidiol (CBD) may enhance sex, making it more satisfying and less painful for both partners. Could CBD oil, specifically CBD-rich cannabis oil, which retains other cannabinoids and terpenes, offer similar benefits for men with ED?

What the Research Shows

CBD oil has shown to be effective in decreasing anxiety in a number of studies, this may aid the psychological symptoms of erectile dysfunction. While most studies utilized CBD oil that was either broad-spectrum or full-spectrum, CBD isolates (products that lack THC and other compounds), may also provide beneficial effects.  In essence, CBD plays a role in ED issues by lowering performance anxiety.  Diana Urman, a certified sex educator with a practice in San Francisco, believes that CBD can help reduce sexual anxiety. In a 2018 interview with HuffPost, Urman said, “Many people say they feel more spontaneous and adventurous [after using CBD]...There is also sometimes an increased sensitivity to touch and increased willingness to be more engaged and sensual which, in turn, enhances sexual pleasure and deepens orgasmic abilities.”

According to a 2009 article published in the journal Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, researchers have found ECS receptors in the sexual reproductive organs, such as the testicles. They’re also present in the brain.

What happens next is controversial. Some research studies have found that cannabinoids such as CBD and THC boost libido, while others have found they decrease it.

Other research suggests CBD products may improve libido by reducing anxiety. Some people have anxiety about sexual performance, which decreases their libido. Relieve anxiety, and the desire for sex may go up.

According to an article in the journal BioMed Research InternationalTrusted Source, Ayurveda practitioners have used Cannabis sativa, the plant from which marijuana and CBD are derived, for many years to improve ejaculatory function and sexual performance.

The exact way that CBD may help ED isn’t fully understood. One theory is that CBD could help relax the blood vessels and promote blood flow. Better blood flow to the penis can relieve ED and promote longer-lasting sex.

The problem is that doctors haven’t specifically tested the effects of CBD on the penis. A small study published in the journal JCI InsightTrusted Source found that a single dose of CBD helped to reduce blood pressure. But the researchers in this study were looking at arteries that led to the heart and not ones that went to the groin.

Another article by:, states that CBD relieves anxiety, Increases autonomic nervous system of the body which is responsible for sexual functions. CBD enhances the autonomic nervous activity. Thus, there is a boost of sexual activity that helps with onset and sustenance of erection; 

Combats inflammation.  The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential of CBD helps prevent inflammation. Inflammation leads to hardening of the vessel walls. CBD thus keep the vessel walls from becoming hard. This effect keeps conditions like high blood pressure and high blood sugar at bay. This effect also ensures that the blood vessels to the penis remain pliant. Uninterrupted blood flow helps overcome erectile dysfunction in men;

Alleviates pain.  Chronic pain anywhere in the body is one of the risk factors for erectile dysfunction. CBD helps relieve chronic pains and aches by influencing the pain signalling pathways. Pain relief helps increase libido which helps cope with erectile dysfunction;

Prevents dryness.  Topical preparations of CBD can help alleviate vaginal dryness in females. Vaginal dryness may result from any reason, for example advancing age or menopause. Thus, CBD can help alleviate ED due to ineffective lubrication.

Boosts libido: CBD oil is known to help with risk factors of decreased libido. It helps alleviate anxiety which is a major risk factor for decreased sex drive. Enhanced sex drive drastically improves the sexual health. 

· Enhances relaxation: CBD is well-known for its stress-relieving potential. It helps your mind and body relax which makes sex more enjoyable. 

· Intensifies pleasure: The dense supply of nerves to the genitalia is responsible for arousal. CBD is a known nervous stimulant. It helps intensify the feeling of sexual gratification. Thus, CBD helps improve the sexual health. 

There are many different products, some well recognized, that can naturally help with ED, lack of libido, in both women and men.

Contact Allure Health Products so that we can you can get the full enjoyment nature provided us with.


Roger Gomez


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